26 September 2022

Reducing GHG Emissions by 28% with New and Renewable Energy Development Policy

The National General Energy Plan or Rencana Umum Energi Nasional (RUEN) was set up in 2017. It contains Indonesia's energy planning until 2050. However, in realization, some indicators have not entirely gone according to plan. As a result, future energy projections have changed. This is an early warning.

The Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) through UNDP and the Indonesian Government have developed an energy modelling with system dynamics tools to review the RUEN projections with a more actual data. The modelling run simulations of nine (9) energy policies.

Of the 9 policies, there are at least 5 policies that have overall positive impact on the environment, one of which is onnew and renewable energy (NRE) development policy. The NRE has the most significant impact and GHG emissions reduction. The implementation of NRE development policies is projected to reduce emissions by 2050 by around 28%.