25 October 2022

Climate Action from the Ground Up: Supporting Cities and Local and Regional Governments to Achieve Paris Agreement

The world is on pace to reach 1.5 - 1.6 celsius of warming by 2040, and with little time remaining, countries must scale up ambition to pivot to a low-carbon future, building resilience and adaptive capacity for all citizens. In addition to national governments, every region, city and village have a key role to play in multi-level climate action.

UNPAGE Indonesia has been supporting several provinces in Indonesia in its green economy transition efforts. In West Java Province, PAGE-Indonesia has developed macroeconomic models (used to inform the 2018-2023 regional development plan), formulated a Regional Low Carbon Development Plan, conducted food loss and waste assessments to inform sectoral policy, and carried out enabling environment assessment and business model development to encourage private sector investment in green projects. In Central Java and Bali, PAGE-Indonesia has supported training on systems thinking and system dynamics modelling as a holistic planning tool that considers economic growth, environmental sustainability, and social inclusion.

This report features 19 snapshots of countries that use a whole-of-government approach with UNDP support, toward a unified climate strategy. Read report on PAGE Indonesia contribution on page 30-31.