24 January 2023

Students from 19 Universities from West, Central and East Indonesia Have Participated in the 2nd Inclusive Green Economy Modeling (IGEM) Course Indonesia, October-December 2022

UNPAGE Indonesia - 2nd IGEM (Inclusive Green Economy Modeling) Course Indonesia was held for seven weeks from 25 October 2022 to 6 December 2022. It attracted participation from 77 masters and doctoral students from 19 universities, covering the West, Central and East Indonesia zones.

The implementation of the IGEM course by UNPAGE in cooperation with the School of Environmental Sciences of Univesity of Indonesia, Environment Institute, as well as Indonesia Expert Network on Climate Change and Forestry (APIKI Network) has several objectives, among others, to build competence of university students throughout Indonesia as future leaders, share knowledge and raise awareness about the role of IGEM in economic transition at the national and regional/sub-national levels, as well as to provide support/peer-to-peer learning for regional professionals/lecturers. The peer-to-peer leaning for regional professionals/lecturers itself was attended by 25 lecturers from 11 universities in Indonesia and APIKI Network. 

With the regional/sub-national cases/point of view, the inclusive green economy modeling materials thus have been adapted into the regional context.

The 2nd IGEM Course Indonesia was held virtually for seven sessions (total 31.5 hours) with involvement of national and regional instructors. Learning methods include flip class learning, interactive discussions, and presentation & learning evaluation. The assessment process carried out every week through group assignments by the instructor. Where at the last meeting, each group had the opportunity to present a model made for cases in Indonesia.

At the end of the course, evaluation suggests that most of participants agree that this training provides new insights and perspectives on how the systems thinking method works in the Inclusive Green Economy.