19 February 2024

Local Initiation of Food Waste Processing in Kabupaten Bogor: Ngupahan Application

Bogor Regency, Indonesia – Team Ngupahan has achieved recognition as one of the 15 grand finalists in the prestigious National Youth Ideathon Competition focused on Better Management of Food Loss and Waste to Support Green and Circular Economy which organized by the UNPAGE Project through UNDP Indonesia and in close collaboration with the Directorate of Environmental Affairs-Bappenas, their compelling ideas highlighting the significance of improved food waste management for fostering a green and sustainable economy captivated the judging panel. Committed to turning their vision into reality and implementation, Team Ngupahan swiftly embarked on creating an innovative application bearing their name: the Ngupahan Application.

The Ngupahan application serves as an educational hub, offering insights into food waste management and practical tips for individuals to actively participate in food waste reduction efforts. Additionally, the application aims to foster community connections by facilitating the sharing of surplus or unsold but still edible food items among users. Its overarching goal is to promote efficient resource utilization and minimize food wastage, thereby contributing to a greener, more circular, and sustainable economic trajectory. The target users for this app are the residents of Bogor Regency, West Java.

As a preliminary step in developing the Ngupahan Application, the Department of Food Security (DKP) of Bogor Regency in collaboration with the Ngupahan Team, facilitated a Focus Group Discussion (FGD). This FGD activity invited several stakeholders from Bogor Regency, including the Regional Planning and Development Agency (Bappelitbangda), the Department of Communication and Information (Diskominfo), the Department of Food Crops, Horticulture, and Plantation (Distarhonbun), the Department of Fisheries and Animal Husbandry (Diskanak), the Department of Health (Dinkes), the Drug and Food Supervisory Agency (Loka POM), and representatives from Cibinong and Gunung Putri Districts. Additionally, DKP of Bogor Regency also invited representatives from business entities, namely AEON Mall, Lotte, Superindo, and Transmart. The UNPAGE Project and Foodbank of Indonesia, as development partners, were also on hand to offer guidance and technical insights during the Focus Group Discussion (FGD) session. While the FGD session was taking place, Team Ngupahan introduced the key features of their application, including feature for educating users on food management to prolong shelf life, feature for sharing and receiving food, compost bank feature, and e-commerce feature. The Ngupahan Application is expected to begin testing in June among two groups of female farmers in the Cibinong district and is anticipated to be officially launched on October 16, 2024, coinciding with World Food Day.

For further information about Ngupahan Application, please refer to this link: Ngupahan Application.